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Cattle - Fertility

Hird and Partners are able to offer pregnancy diagnosis by manual palpation and ultrasound scanning. We are able to assist in the diagnosis of problems relating to sub-fertility and infectious diseases that may present as lowered fertility on a herd level
We can offer assistance should this be needed at the time of calving and are able to perform caesarean sections should this be required.

BCVA Herd Health Planning

Herd health plans were introduced to improve animal health and welfare, reduce the incidence of on-farm disease and prevent introduction of new infections.
Working with individual farms, we are able to identify possible disease risks and reasons for reduced productivity, for example mastitis or lameness. This allows us to formulate and help implement a herd health plan, including strategies for disease control and prevention, including possible vaccination regimes.
At Hird and Partners, we have invested in dedicated BCVA software for the purposes of constructing herd health plans. Our experienced team are also able to offer advice on all areas of disease control and prevention.


We are able to treat individual lame cows and offer advice on lameness prevention on a herd level.


Our ambulatory vets are able to carry out a range of bovine-surgeries, including dehorning, disbudding, displaced abomasums and caesarean sections.


Mastitis is an important clinical problem on any farm. In the individual cow, the problem is painful and can be life-threatening. On a herd level, mastitis can be a cause of financial loss and reduced productivity.
Our team of Veterinary Surgeons are well placed to offer advice on treatment and prevention of the condition. We are able to deal with clinical cases in individual cows and advise on a herd level. For herds with mastitis problems, we are able to offer an investigation service.


Services we offer:
  • Castration
  • Dentistry
  • Vaccination
  • Foot trimming


Services we offer:
  • Individual and flock advice
  • Lameness diagnosis and treatment
  •  Assistance with lambings (including  caesareans)
  • Advice on vaccination and worming programmes
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