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As from 21st Feb, 2022 and due to the nationwide problem of veterinary Surgeon recruitment the following will apply to our Ripponden Surgery.

There will be no vet or nurse consultations at Ripponden, please ring our Halifax surgery 01422 354999 or our Walsden Surgery 01706 810271 for an appointment.

There will be times when your phone call to the Ripponden branch will be diverted to one of our other branches.

Ripponden will be open Mondays and Fridays 9-5pm (closed between 1 and 2pm) for repeat prescriptions and flea and worming medications only.

We hope this will only be a temporary change.

We have been aware of it and have followed its slow spread northwards.

The condition has recently been highlighted for us by a confirmed case and a seriously ill dog within this practice.

There are many symptoms to watch out for although an infected dog may equally appear totally healthy. Persistent coughing, reluctance to exercise, depression, weight loss fits, vomiting, diaorrhoea, weakness, paralysis. behavioural changes and persistent bleeding from even insignificant cuts are all possible signs.

Dogs under the age of two appear to be more susceptible but dogs of all ages can be affected. The wide range of symptoms can easily be confused with other illnesses so contacting your veterinary practice is important in any case if any one of the above have been noticed.

For lungworm to infect dogs they have to pass through an intermediate host and then be eaten by the dog. The intermediate hosts in this case are slugs and snails and occasionally frogs.

Dogs don't normally eat slugs and snails willingly but unwittingly do so by eating grass or anything else they choose to eat outside.

Outside water bowls or the feeding of dogs outside may increase the risk of them eating a slug or snail.

If you suspect your dog may have eaten a slug or snail or habitually does make an appointment to see your vet without delay.

An infection can be tested for very quickly and there is a treatment readily available.

Prevention is far better and licensed products are available. They require monthly treatment to ensure that mature infections do not become established.

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